Evertale takes you to a world in which to capture creatures and collect them

Evertale is a new premium game for Android (although with micropayments within the app) that will take you through an open fantasy world in which you can capture monsters to the Pokémon. A well worked title and that from the same day will get you fully into the adventure of immersing yourself in the world of Erden.

You will have a total of 180 creatures that you have to capture and evolve to get into dream landscapes, cities full of life and dungeons of those intricate ones in which you lose yourself to enjoy during hours of a role-playing game with many incentives to become one of your favorites this year.

Multiplayer if you want and offline if you run out of Internet

Evertale It is a new role-playing game for Android in which you will have to capture the creatures that you find in all those adventures that await you. You join a group of heroes with whom you have to free the world of Erden from the deadly Pandemonium.


One of Evertale's virtues is that allows you to play in offline mode or switch to multiplayer mode with real-time PvP games. Of course, always from the mechanics of combat game by turns very to the Final Fantasy and that is beautifully recreated in this role-playing game.


We'll have our nice hero moving around an open world to meet those moments of combat in which we will go to that screen where we will have the enemies and our group of heroes. In turn, we will select each of their abilities so that we finally give way to the enemies that will have their turn to do the greatest possible damage.

Evertale and its 6 distinct regions

Evertale has 180 monsters and heroes that you will have to collect and get better. Each of them has its history and will change friends and enemies as we travel through the 6 different regions of the world of Erden. In them you will also have unique creatures that you have to capture in order to collect them.

Creating team in Evertale

All seasoned with legendary weapons, accessories and equipment which will allow you to improve your warriors and thus progress in this role-playing game. PvP battles are 4V4 in turn and you can also compete in real-time games. Like you will have the possibility to join your friends to form alliances and thus progress properly through this role-playing game in which many hours of play await you.

One of his points is that it is translated into Spanish, so you can know the whole background story and the large number of dialogues that will get you fully into the world of Ender. A well-worked title that hopes to get into the list of best-selling games; especially when available for € 0.50.

You will enjoy it

Evertale presents micropayments within the application Even a premium game. Anyway, do not detract from all the gaming experience that awaits you, because, if you are a fan of Final Fantasy games, you will enjoy the beautiful with everything that has in itself.

Warrior Attack on Evertale

Technically it's ten and we can highlight your graphics, character design and that interface for the fighting in which the skill hud appears taking large space on the screen. Thanks to the perspective used during turn-based combat, a great experience is offered with beautiful visual effects and those skills that look great.

Evertale is a great role-playing game for your Android mobile and that you already have it for 0.50 euros. If you are looking for one to replace those spoiled ports of the Final Fantasy (although there are always exceptions like this that you can not miss), Evertale highly meets the expectations for you to play it for many months with your friends of online games.