enjoy both wheels on Android and iOS

enjoy both wheels on Android and iOS

Live Cycling Manager 2 Android

Type games manager They have been with us for many years and, especially on PC, they have allowed us to win sports clubs of different modalities to compete with the best. Now comes to our phones Live Cycling Manager 2, the second edition of the perfect game for bicycle lovers.

We talked about a game with which you can live all the excitement of cycling. Take the reins of a professional club and take it to the top of the world of cycling. The operating system doesn't matter, you can download it for both Android and iOS.

Take control of an authentic professional club

The first step you should take in Live Cycling Manager 2 is Choose your favorite club, or even create your own to start your journey in the cycling world. You will automatically become the Sports Director of a professional team, and you can compete against 40 other teams to become the best.

You will have the possibility to control all aspects of your club, you are the absolute leader. Design the training sessions, manage your staff, record or transfer brokers from other teams, keep finances and create your own equipment. You must be very attentive, it is also your responsibility to enroll in the different races, as well as the selection of the runners and the development of the strategy.

Cycling manager

There is also something you should keep in mind, a team is not only formed by cyclists. It takes coaches, doctors, mechanics and even sports psychologists, who accompany athletes in the toughest races of the year. Choose the best, controlling finances, and create the best possible team. You will need it to overcome all the adversities that arise during a season.

As you can see Live Cycling Manager 2 puts at our disposal a wide variety of tools to take the experience of manager. If you are looking for a summary of all its features, these are the most important:

  • Competition between players with exciting real-time careers and graphic work.

  • Three different categories WC, CC and HC, of ​​real races. You can run on the Tour, the Tour, the Tour, the Volta and many others, with the best races in Europe and the rest of the world.

  • Order the right strategies at every moment of the race.

  • Compete in races on level, chronoscaled, time trial, pavs, mountain, half mountain, varied and team time.

  • Train the runners and carry out concentrations all over the world to improve their qualities.

  • Transfer cyclists and star chips from other teams.

  • It allows the control of the physical condition, as well as the form and the accumulated fatigue of the season allowing the cyclists to arrive at an optimal moment to the best races.

  • Manage even the smallest detail of your professional cycling club, hire different employees and manage all finances.

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