dual mode gamepad for our phones ┬╗ERdC

dual mode gamepad for our phones ┬╗ERdC

Razer Junglecat: dual mode gamepad for our phones

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Razer It has revealed new products, with its focus on the gaming market and with its striking and aggressive design and signature of the house. First we met the Razer Hammerhead wireless headphones with TWS design format. Now we will review in command for games or Gamepad Razer Junglecat.

Gamepad Razer Junglecat

This new Razer accessory does not resemble a traditional game controller. Actually, it's a double-sided mobile controller that works in two different ways.

First mode of operation

The First form It works by connecting one or both controllers to the phone case (included). The user's phone must be placed in the special cover for the phone, staying in a similar appearance to a Nintendo Switch. The problem here is that this mode only works with four phones for now. In the USA UU It works with three: the Razer Phone 2, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. Meanwhile to world level the Galaxy Note 9 is discarded in favor of the Huawei P30 Pro.

Second mode of operation

In the second mode of operation, users can connect the controls to the control handle, using it as a traditional wireless controller with other phones or tablets with Android. In this configuration, it can also be paired With compatible Windows PCs.

Other features

He Razer Junglecat gamepad presents two analog sticks and trigger buttons on each side. The left side has a Four-way D-Padwhile the right has four additional action buttons. The Gamepad connects through Bluetooth low energy and with a low latency response. According to Razer, a single charge via USB Type-C provides more than 100 hours of use.

The Razer Gamepad application recognizes many of the most popular games, according to Razer, and can be adjusted according to user preferences. The application gives players access to a ÔÇťlarge libraryÔÇŁOf games compatible with the controller, and the settings can be adjusted for each game. Buttons and keys can be reassigned, as can the sensitivity of the thumb.

This remote can be a good option both for use in compatible Android games and to exploit emulators on our mobile device. Its compatibility with Windows PCs gives it a plus. It only has the hndicap that the first mode of operation has a short compatibility.


The new Razer Junglecat Gamepad starts with a Price of $ 99.99 USD / 119.99. It is already available through Razer.com


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