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Download the old Android Photo Gallery

Download the old Android Photo Gallery

We return with the section of remembering Android, a section in which we have already recommended some Android applications that have remained in everyone's memory. In this particular case, do you remember the old Android photo gallery?

If in a previous video-post we brought you to the delight of many the old music player in the form of a cube with spectacular effects and user interface, now it is the turn of a photo gallery that surely, when you see it brings you Very pleasant memories of other versions of Android in which, unlike today that we bet on a flat and functional design, formerly opted for applications with three-dimensional user interfaces and with graphic effects the sea of ​​work.

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In the video that I left just at the beginning of this post, I show you that old Android photo gallery That was with us a lot of time since it was the photo gallery that by default came preinstalled on all Android devices until I think I remember Android Kit Kat.

Remembering Android: Do you remember the old Android Photo Gallery?

A photo gallery that highlights its excellent user interface, a three-dimensional interface in which the thumbnails of our photos respond to the movement and inclination of our terminal since they made use of sensors such as the accelerometer.

A very, very simple gallery, with the most basic options or functions in which everything opted for the spectacularity of its tremendous user interface which, in addition to following the inclination of our device, also I recognized the colors of the photographs we were looking to adapt the background to them, in a chameleonic function that the truth was but that very well worked.

Remembering Android: Do you remember the old Android Photo Gallery?

Although because of its user interface you can think that this application consumes or needs many system resources, nothing is further from reality since we are facing a beautiful photo gallery for Android, light where there are, Suitable to be installed in any type of Android terminal of today that will move it without any problems.

Remembering Android: Do you remember the old Android Photo Gallery?

If you want to download this old photo gallery for Android, a gallery that will teleport you to other times, the best of all is that you will not have to download any APK from any unknown source since we will be able to download it for free from the Google Play Store itself , the official store of Android applications from the link that I leave just below these lines.

Download Customizable Gallery 3D for free from the Google Play Store

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