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Download Street Fighter for Android with the version IV Champion Edition

Fighting games are one of the archetypes best known by video game fans but although there are many if we think of one, in the reference, we may all think about it.

Street Fighter and especially his successor, Street Fighter II, they became a real success last century in the arcade machines of bars and recreation rooms.

Now the fourth version of the saga comes to Android officially, months after being available on other platforms such as iOS.

Playing with Street Fighter for Android

Capcom's proposal offers us 32 different fighters including Ken and Ryu and other more current ones like Dan, who appears exclusively in Google's mobile operating system.

The design is 2D with certain movements with some kinematics but it is not the same aspect as we have seen in Street Fighter IV for other platforms.

Various forms of control and many possibilities

The form of struggle is based on a virtual crosshead in the right zone and four virtual buttons in the left zone. As in all Street Fighter the key in the fight against our rivals is combine strokes and pulsations. That makes the complexity somewhat high and we have to learn the combinations of memory.

At the top we have the Revenge button, which allows a much more powerful attack to be launched although it has to be loaded by advancing the fight.

The control on the touch screen is adequate and we have not had problems but if we want we can use a bluetooth remote where it will be easier to make the combinations to obtain the special movements, concentrated attacks, supercombos and ultracombos.

We have the possibility of playing in arcade mode and also fighting in multiplayer mode.

The game can be downloaded for free but To use all your options we have to pay 5.49 euros. We have tried installed on multiple mobiles but it is not compatible with many of today's mobiles.