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Death Stranding PC launch confirmed for summer 2020

Sebastian Jimenez

505 Games has proudly announced that they will publish the PC version of the upcoming Death Stranding of video game legend Hideo Kojima. Players on the PC can expect to play the mysterious action title and open world adventure in early summer 2020.

Rejoice with the fantastic Hideo Kojima games! Just a few days before the launch of the new game of the Japanese games cone for PS4 on November 8, we finally received the official announcement that Death Stranding will not be a PS4 exclusive and, instead, reach the PC next year . The European editor 505 Games has reached an agreement with Kojima Productions to bring the game to the PC.

Death Stranding is the first new project and IP of Hideo Kojima, since it separates from his infamous company Konami. The expectations are high, especially with the titles of Kojima's previous masterpieces and his penchant for a unique and sometimes odd design philosophy. Despite having seen a lot of gameplay before, Death Stranding is still embroiled in a great mystery about gameplay, history and concrete issues. However, one thing is for sure. Potential players will take a wild walk different from everything we have experienced, both from Kojima and others.

"We are extremely excited and honored to work with the supremely talented Kojima Productions team and bring Death Stranding to PC players around the world," said 505 Games co-founder and CEO Raffi Galante. "Death Stranding take players through a completely original experience that will delight PC players everywhere."

There is no concrete release date, but the early summer window of 2020 could be a sign of a six-month period of exclusive exclusivity on the PS4. In addition, 505 Games has not revealed in which game store / launcher Death Stranding is launched, but seeing the incredible amount of emotion and free public relations made by Sony, we will not be surprised if true peak The company was considering an exclusivity agreement themselves.

Death Stranding has been considered a full PS4 exclusive for a long time. Since its original announcement, Sony has been at the forefront of promoting the game. And it is true that DS will be exclusive to the giant Sony system, but it seems that the era of exclusives is rapidly slowing down. However, they will not be extinguished if you consider the stellar production that the original Sony and Nintendo production is creating. Still, there is no doubt that cross-platform releases have gained an unprecedented amount of popularity. Just take a look at Microsoft's paradigm shift when it comes to exclusives or the previous exclusive Sony Quantic Dreams developer who ventures into other platforms. Understandably, what was once the main differentiator between game systems is changing. With the increasing numbers of developers and, therefore, development costs, it is simply too risky for most companies to remain on a smaller installation base.