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Chinese phones with high performance. Characteristics of the Oukitel K10


Cheap Chinese mobiles trying to reach the high end. Oukitel K10

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January 24, 2018

Chinese mobile phones oukitel k10

The Chinese mobiles of which we speak to you frequently, reveal the wide range of signatures and devices from the Asian giant. As we have mentioned on other occasions, these devices, especially those manufactured by somewhat more discreet brands, rely on offering a lower cost than that of the leaders. In addition, to gain solvency and visibility in other markets such as Europe, they try to offer better features.

Today we are going to talk about K10, one of the last bets of Oukitel that would come to gather the two strategies that we have mentioned above. As we will see now, autonomy will be the strong point of this model that, according to its designers, reaches 3 days, but will it have something else that makes it worthwhile or will it continue to reflect some of the shortcomings that many manufacturers still drag?


The most striking thing about this mobile from the aesthetic field is on the one hand, its shape, which has pronounced edges, and on the other hand, its cover, which can remind us of that of the most resistant phablets and that in the case of the back cover, presents a rough texture. The fingerprint reader is located under the rear camera.

oukitel k10 housing

Can cheap Chinese mobiles meet the most demanding users?

Now we tell you more about the image performance and performance of the K10. On the one hand, its screen, of 6 inches, with 18: 9 format and with a resolution of 2160 × 1080 pixels. To this, they are added four cameras: A main rear of 21 Mpx and a reinforcement of 8 to which are added a front lens of 13 with another of 8. All this is supported by a Mediatek processor Helio P23 that reaches peaks of 2 Ghz, a 6 GB RAM, and finally, and as we said before, a drums whose capacity is 11,000 mAh, which partially sacrifices the design but according to its manufacturers, reaches up to 3 days with uninterrupted use. To complete this parameter, it has a fast charging technology that completely fills the battery in two and a half hours according to its manufacturers.

Availability and price

Internet shopping portals are the only channels through which it is possible to find both the Oukitel stands and those of other brands in the Great Wall Country. In this case, the K10 is until next day 29 in a phase of Advance reservation for which it can be purchased at a cost of around $ 250, about 200 euros. From the 30th day, its price will rise to around 300 dollars, 240 euros approximately. Do you think terminals like this reflect the progress made by Asian brands or not? We leave you available related information such as, for example, a list of the assets that the most discreet Chinese mobile manufacturers will have in 2018 so you can learn more.