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Bluesmart: the first smart suitcase

We have said it before, technology has changed many aspects of our lives and today even the simplest and most common things seem to have changed their course towards digitalization. Recently we saw the proposal of smart bicycles and now there is also a solution for the modern traveler: Bluesmart, the smart suitcase, which sought financing in indiegogo.

The Bluesmart has been designed so that people can travel with greater peace of mind knowing that their belongings will be safe or at least guarded. This smart suitcase connects to your mobile through an app, allowing you to have control over it despite not having it with you.

Among Bluesmart's functionalities is being able to open and close the lock from your smartphone, know its weight, lock its geographical location, notify you if you are forgetting it or if it is being opened and gives you reports on your travel routes.

In addition to this, the Bluesmart allows you to recharge your mobile up to 6 times because it has a battery charger. If there is something that worries us many times, especially when we are traveling, it is that our devices run out of batteries. This is why the creators of this suitcase have incorporated a powerful charger that is capable of recharging two devices at the same time.

The Bluesmart is highly resistant and lightweight and has waterproof closures with a polyurethane cover. At the moment, its creators are seeking financing through crowdfunding. Since they have already reached twice the goal set for financing, it can soon be purchased. At this stage the suitcase costs 215 dollars although its final cost will be 450 dollars when it reaches the general public.