Application permissions, grant or not grant?

Application permissions, grant or not grant?

On this occasion I bring you a video advice in which we are going to deal with a more complex issue than it seems and that is of vital importance. A theme fully linked to the Android security since we are going to talk about the complexes permissions that applications ask us to function properly in our Android terminal.

In this video that I leave attached to this post, I show you in a very graphic way and with practical examples, what could be considered secure applications that only ask us for the necessary permissions for its proper functioning, while on the other hand, I show you with a practical example too, what would become an application that asks us for abusive permissions and that are not described in the description of its corresponding tab in the Google Play Store. So you know, if you do not want to be grass of applications that can put us some other malware in our Android, I advise you to take a look at the attached video.

It is worth mentioning that at the time I am writing this post, after the publication of the video that was recorded on Friday, March 8, 2019, the developer of the application Oh Música has proceeded to modify these permissions in the Play tab Store where now there is no special permission required to use the application. Nothing is further from reality because when you start the app for the first time we are still requesting these two permissions that I teach you in the video, one to access the multimedia content of your terminal, and the most dangerous of all that is to perform calls and manage the call log.

Android Security: All about app permissions, grant or not grant?

How can you see in the video that I have left in the header of this post, the Oh Music app, an application that is supposed to allow us to listen to streaming music for free and download it too, It is an application that comes as a ring to my finger to explain this about abusive permits or unnecessary permissions that want to strain some applications for Android.

The first thing we have to look at when downloading and installing an application on our Android device, even if it is downloaded from the Google Play Store, is in the part of the Google Play tab where the permissions that are supposedly needed are detailed or you will ask us for the application to work properly.

And I emphasize this about "Supposedly" since we must go with a thousand eyes so that they do not try to sell us the motorcycle. In the example of the application in question, Oh Music, in the list of necessary permissions that we are informed in the Play Store appears one in question that is to read the identity of the phone and calls, while at the time of truth the permission What we are asked for is to be able to make phone calls and manage the call log at will.

Android Security: All about app permissions, grant or not grant?

Ojito with this permission !!

How can you imagine asking permission to read the call log is not the same as asking permission to make calls and modify this log, and although neither is necessary for the proper functioning of the application we want to install, I would never give you permission to make calls to an application of this style.

However, the other applications that I show you in the video, similar applications although to watch free movies and series in streaming, even being one of the same developer, we are not asked for any kind of permission that we can consider as suspicious or dangerous for our Android and our account.

As I say I advise you to take a look at the video that I have left at the beginning of the post since in it I explain everything in a much more visual, simple and understandable way for everyone.

Then I leave a direct link to download the applications that I used in the videoLogically, only for the applications to watch free movies and series that are the applications that in principle and day in which I recorded the video did not request abusive permissions.

Download Kino: HD Movies and Series

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