Apple donate money for people affected by California fires

Apple donate money for people affected by California fires

Apple is not just technology. The participation of the company of the bitten apple in social causes is a priority. This time Apple has sympathized with the consequences of the most recent California fires.

According to a message shared from the Twitter account of Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple is planning a donation to help forest fire relief efforts in California and Sonoma County. These events have left about 65 thousand acres on fire and has required the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people in the area

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The decision of the CEO of Apple was announced on Monday, after that over the weekend the winds that reached about 100 mph drove the fire to Santa Rosa, one of the main cities in the area. And the future is not more encouraging, since the dry climate and the arrival of more powerful winds predict that last months of the year be more disastrous.

According to information published in macrumors, the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has declared an ** emergency throughout the state **, after days of evacuations totaling 200,000 people and the destruction of almost 80 structures.

Already this year, the company contributed with donations in one of the most important natural catastrophes, as it was the fire during days of the Amazon. Neither at that time nor now, Apple has activated a campaign to raise funds, but to help from its own resources.