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All the news that will come to Facebook Messenger in 2019

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Yesterday the F8 was held, the Facebook conference, in which we can learn about news that will arrive on the social network and its applications. One of these applications is Messenger, which is going to incorporate a series of new functions this year. So far this year, the application has left us with two important changes. On the one hand a renewed interface, which arrived in January and this April has finally introduced the dark mode.

Facebook now confirms all the news that they will be introduced in Messenger throughout this year. A series of changes with which the company's messaging application seeks to maintain its popularity in the market. What changes will leave us in 2o19?

The company has said that 2019 is going to be a transition year for Messenger. Since it is expected to build an app that is based on privacy, in clear allusion to the various scandals that Facebook has had in recent years in this regard. Therefore, they want the app to be fast, private as well as interoperable, since messages can be sent with Instagram and WhatsApp (although it is not known how this function will be integrated). These are the lines in which these novelties move in the app.


First we find Project Lightspeed. It is a new app, at least based on its description. It is an app that takes up little space, less than 30 MB and runs very quickly. No details have been given for the moment. It has only been commented that they are currently working on it, that it has been built from scratch and that its deployment will take a while to become a reality. Although everything indicates that it promises to be a kind of Messenger, but faster and lighter.

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On the other hand, it is commented that a space dedicated to find content from friends and family with the ones you interact with most often. Photos, videos and stories are expected to have special prominence. Again, we do not have dates in this regard for this novelty, since it is something that they are currently developing. So it will take a few months to arrive officially.

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The video is a format that has long gained prominence, also in Messenger. According to the company, About 410 million people make use of video calls in the app every month. In addition, they spend about 2 billion minutes a day in chats and videos. Therefore, new features are introduced in this regard on the other hand, with which to enhance this element in the app.

The first one is a function with which to see videos with your friends in Messenger in real time. It is a function that seeks to create a virtual room to discover and share videos. All this while you can chat at the same time, through text, in the application with the other participants. This function should be ready before the end of the year, as they have said from Facebook. But they have not given specific dates for its launch.

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