AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro are still impossible to repair

A few weeks ago, the giant based in Cupertino introduced the successor of the Airpods. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to see our first impressions after trying out the new Apple headphones. And today, we bring you bad news if you are considering buying the new AirPods Pro: are impossible to repair.

Yes, the American firm boasted during the presentation of its last generation of mobile phones, which used recyclable materials, since they were really committed to the environment. Well it seems that the same does not happen with the new AirPods Pro That, as with previous versions, there is no way to repair them.

AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro are to use to throw away: when the battery runs out, buy others

As usual, it has been the guys from iFixit, experts in dismantling all kinds of devices, in charge of opening the AirPods Pro to show us all their secrets. And yes, the recently introduced new Apple headphones have taken a zero in terms of reparability.

More than anything because, in summary, they have a non-modular design, glued and a lack of spare parts that makes the repair expensive and very impractical. Exactly, as in the previous two generations of the AirPods. In this way, at the moment in which the battery of the AirPods Pro begins to degrade, losing hours of use, there will be no way to change it. You will have to change headphones directly, or take them to Apple for repair.

Details of the disassembly of the new Apple AirPods

On the other hand, we have found some surprises during disassembly, and it will not do you any grace. Yes, the silicone pads have a different design than the generic ones, so you can not use those of other manufacturers. Something common in the company of the bitten apple, which very soon will put these components for sale for those users who lose the pads, or want to have spare.

AirPods Pro battery

On the other hand, it stands out that each of the helmets conceals a clock-style battery inside each headset. If it was not for him AirPods Pro design, which have the battery integrated by a welded cable, can be changed relatively easily. In short, a complete disappointment in terms of reparability. A pity that headphones that cost almost 300 euros, have no way of extending their useful life. Although, seeing that the Sony WF-1000XM3 cost less and are remarkably better, it is still worth doing this investment…