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A very monstrous .io game with Monsters with Attitude

Monsters with Attitude

Monsters with Attitude is a new multiplayer game type .io in which we have to get more points for our monstrous hero to increase its size and be able to eliminate other players.

For those of us who are used to this kind of .io games, the truth is that Monsters with Attitude is a great arrival for the great technical deployment of which he becomes a supporter. 3D graphics for a world that spins at our feet and that achieves, in some moments, perspectives that give the game something quite special.

Monstrous without any doubt

Monsters with Attitude has been populated by Flaregames to put us before the situation of handling a series of monsters that each have their own abilities. From the main one that is characterized by its onslaught ability to the one that divides for almost become a group of monsters They will do theirs.

Monsters with Attitude

The game is created in 3D and we will simply enters to play on a planet a little small At first glance we can walk with our feet. Our goal, apart from eliminating the rest of the players, is to destroy everything we see in order to get points and our monstrous hero grow in size.


The more size we will have, apart from not being so skilled in turns and movements, we can face other players to annihilate them. Here comes the characteristic of the .io games in which we face numerous players who will try to do the same thing we want to do with them.

Earn points and unlock upgrades and new monsters

Like other titles, inspired by Clash Royale, we will be getting improvements and new monsters with which to face those players who wait for us in the different arenas. Multiplayer games are arranged in such a way that we will face 7 players. The truth is that there are not many, but the fun is guaranteed.


Say we are very much in the line of another multiplayer .io which has surprised us by its great technical quality and by the curiousness of its game mechanics, the one based on the movie of Shark. Another of its particularities are games with friends who are online and thus participate in 4v4 games. They are not official games, but they are the sea of ​​fun.


A game that pick up that multiplayer instinct and that we have seen numerous times. That said, we have it translated into Spanish and for the part that touches advertising, we have hardly seen it. A great tip so that we can begin our journey through a game that highlights, and much, excellence in the technical section.

Monsters with Attitude and its destruction

Monsters with Attitude is a monstrous title that is based on multiplayer games, although we will first go through a tutorial to get the game mechanics. Those skills, power ups that we can find in our journey in the game and that store where we can buy game coins To improve our monsters.


Technically it is a game of ten and this can be noticed from the first moment we enter an arena. A small world opens before us so that everything that appears in it can be shattered by our monster. Physics of ten objects, explosions, wonderful effects and a very fun character design. He can be blamed for missing content with more monsters, but everything will come.