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A real image of the Motorola RAZR flexible is filtered

He Motorola RAZR flexible It is one of the teams that has talked a lot in recent months, and is that not only be the third flexible phone in the market of a manufacturer of international stature, but be the first with a different, and also be inspired in one of the most iconic phones in all history as was the RAZR V3, which was released in 2004.

In recent months we have seen some renderings that show how the device will be, however, Motorola He has done his job very well taking care of the leaks, because practically until today we have not seen photos of the equipment of those that are used for testing or anything like that.

And it is that Motorola seems to be presenting this device on November 13 in the United States, and it has been so far when we have seen the first real image of this equipment, which is courtesy of Evan Blass.

A very familiar design that hits nostalgia

The image shared on social networks makes it clear that the design of this new RAZR It is practically identical to the model launched in 2004, but with some small differences.

Motorola RAZR 2004

The first one is that the entire interior of the device is a screen, so we talk about a phone that theoretically should be comfortable to carry in your pocket, because when it is folded it is much smaller, while deployed it will have a size similar to of other phones, although for now we don't know exactly what the size of your screen is.

On the other hand, the image shows a sensor in the lower part of the equipment, which seems to be a fingerprint reader, a position that seems ideal because of the type of design that the brand has chosen, although it is too early to talk about comfort and ergonomics until we can't have it in our hands.

Evan Blass does not reveal more details about the photo he has published on social networks, but the latest rumored specifications on this phone point to the following:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor.
  • 4/6 GB of RAM.
  • 64/128 GB of internal storage.
  • 6.2-inch main screen, resolution of 8762142 pixels.
  • Aspect ratio of approximately 22: 9.
  • External screen 600 x 800 pixels.
  • Colors: White, black, gold.

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We will have to wait until November 13 to learn more details and know if this is the type of flexible smartphones that people consider best for their daily use.