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A photo of the Motorola Razr foldable phone is filtered

A photo of the Motorola Razr foldable phone is filtered

leaked photo motorola razr leaked photoTo the delight of the fans of the brand, as well as for those who are simply intrigued by its novelties, Motorola is preparing to launch its reinvention of the Motorola Razr classic in the form of an ultramodern folding smart phone. And now, a filtered photograph has shown why we should be excited about this new device.

The photo leaked by the well-known @evleaks on Twitter seems to have come from promotional material for the press, and shows the classic form of a flip-phone slightly open and resting in the palm of one hand. It seems that the company has remained very close to the iconic design of the original Razr, a device that was the first mobile phone of a large number of users globally.

The remarkable thing here is the phone size, since it is very compact, especially since it seems to be clearly a female hand that is holding the device. The open top reveals the reflective surface of the screen, which is expected to extend from the bottom to the top of the phone when it is open.

In the lower part of the phone there is an edge, just like the classic Razr, except that you can see a small button that we hope will contain the fingerprint sensor, although another purpose may be dedicated since the front fingerprint sensors are increasingly unusual

If you turn your attention to the section of the roof, you can see that there is a pronounced bump on the edge that is possibly for the camera. From this angle, it seems to have only one lens and, therefore, it could be a selfie camera.

The design is retro and at the same time incredibly modern, and the phone looks very intriguing. However, there are still many questions about the new Razr that are not answered in this single photo. For example, we don't know if there are more cameras on the back, or if that lens is seen to be the only one. Nor can we see if there is a notification screen at the top of the phone so that the information can be viewed without opening it. In addition, the original Razr came in a variety of colors, and it will be great to see the new version come in more than just black.

Motorola will reveal the Razr foldable smart phone at an event on November 13, and we will give you all the details when they present it.

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