a new mobile without buttons, without ports and without slots

a new mobile without buttons, without ports and without slots

A few days ago we advanced that the Chinese manufacturer Vivo was working on a very particular mobile phone that had no holes, beyond the microphone, which is tiny. It was expected that it would be the first smarphone of this type but Meizu gave the surprise yesterday when presenting the Meizu Zero, which was defined as the first smartphone without holes in the world. Of course, that terminal had a bump in the area of ​​the cameras that the new Vivo does not have.

The model of the Chinese company is called Live APEX 2019 and it is the evolution of the terminal that was announced last year on these dates and that stood out for its on-screen fingerprint sensor, its retractable front camera and its borderless screen.

Characteristics of Vivo APEX 2019

  • Processor – Snapdragon 855
    • 1 x Cortex A76 at 2.84 GHz. 3 x Cortex A76 at 2.42GHz. 4 x Cortex-A55 at 1.8GHz.
  • RAM: 12 GB
  • Storage.
    • Internal: 256/512 GB.
    • MicroSD: no.
  • Graph: Adreno 640.
  • screen.
    • Size: –
    • Resolution: –
    • Technology: –
    • Aspect Ratio: –
  • Rear camera.
    • Resolution: 12 + 13 Mpx.
  • Front camera: no.
  • Connectivity: 5G, 4G / LTE, Dual SIM, Bluetooth 5, WiFi 802.11 dual …
  • Others:
    • Fingerprint sensor on screen.
    • Wireless charging
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight:
  • Drums:
  • System:

A concept with a view to coming true

This model has not been presented as a normal mobile. It is one of the first to use the Snapdragon 855 and its 5G chip but the screen diagonal, resolution or technology has not been confirmed, for example. We do know that you will have the fingerprint sensor under it and that it will occupy almost the entire screen, not just a small area.

It has also been known that the speaker will be removed in favor of a sound system that uses the screen itself as a transmitter.

Nor do we know how its two rear cameras, 12 and 13 Mpx, will work, or if one can be used in front of some form since there is no physical camera or a slot that houses a retractable, as in its predecessor.

Yes, there has been talk of its internal memory, 256 GB or 512 GB, as well as RAM, 12 GB. instead of physical buttons, pressure sensors will be used, something that is not new but that we are seeing will become a trend in the coming months.

This terminal will have a battery that although we do not know its amperage, we do know that it will be charged wirelessly since there is no port to plug a cable. Nor is there to put a headset.

Metal pins

In the back area there are some metal dots that will allow you to use the mobile phone with accessories that expand its capabilities without plugging in the terminal, something similar to what Motorola does with the Moto Mods.

At the moment it is not known the price or where this model will be sold although it is expected that in the MWC 2019 we will leave doubts. Of course, it will be manufactured in white, black and silver colors.