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A bangs against the enemy player in the fun Critter Clash

Critter Clash

Critter Clash is a new multiplayer online game for Android in which you will have your team of animals subject of several branches to throw stones at the other team that is in another tree just opposite.

In this way we face a fun and rocambolesco title for Android in which we will have to aim very well so that each of our pitches does the greatest possible damage. An Android game that also has what to get new cards to get better animals with the best skills.

Those crazy animals throwing stones

Critter Clash is a game that is in public beta format from Google Play. His intention is let's have a good time with that game mechanics a little crazy, since we will find our entire team hanging from some branches, which in turn also hang from another larger branch. That is, if the enemy team is accurate in their throws, they can break those weak ropes so that we all fall to the ground.

Critter Clash

So we will have several ways to face the games. One is to go directly to cut those ropes from which our enemy animals hang or simply hit them very hard to stun or simply eliminate them. So we will get into a gameplay a bit ridiculous and very fun.


Critter Clash will first give us a tutorial so that we get to know the basics of this online multiplayer game in which our goal is to face other players. We will have on the one hand the improvement and acquisition of new animals, and on the other hand the option to improve the tables on which they hang or improve the hardness of those ropes on which our team depends.

Clash Royale, but otherwise in Critter Clash

Critter Clash tries to attract us with another type of gameplay in whiche object physics is quite important, since we get fully into a logic in which several animals move from one side to another. Therefore, great realism is needed to provoke those laughs that in many moments we will miss thanks to this title.

Team building

And the truth that manages to get all that point of realism to almost feel that we are about to fall. Apart from that every time we know how to succeed in our pitches, we will see our opponents' animals suffer. Another advantage is that we can challenge our friends in duels. That is, we will not have to try our luck until we have a duel with a colleague, but the system already has a way for it.

Just thinking of throwing bananas to kill our colleagues and in case it is an extra to cheer up and play this online multiplayer a little crazy and fun. It will also be a matter of time that you become with a very complete team of animals and so you can reduce all those teams that await you all over the world. At the moment there are no restrictions by region, since the games are in turns.

For all

Critter Clash is a game very well designed and that, although it is in public beta statusIt has everything to become one of the sensations of the year. Especially if he manages to add more players so he doesn't take so long to find a game, since these multiplayer games depend a lot on how many play him.

Cat level 3

Technically it is a very well achieved game. The fact of really see how our monkeys swing It is an experience. If we add to this the design of the characters, the environment and all those fun effects when they receive a good banana, it offers a great gaming experience that you have to enjoy at least once.

Critter Clash comes to Google Play as a beta, but ready to be played to create the best possible animal team. So get ready to receive bananas, break ropes and send all those animals to the ground. We encourage you to try this other fun multiplayer, the one from the Shark movie.