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YouTube Music allow us to play the music stored on our device

Streaming music and video services have achieved reduce high piracy rates, piracy that significantly reduced the income of both record companies and large and small studios, however it is still far from being completely eradicated, since in some countries it is too expensive for some sectors of the population.

If you are one of the users who always hear the same thing and do not want to depend on their data rate, they are likely to continue opting for have your favorite music on your device. For more than a month, the YouTube Music application can be used to play the music that we have stored in our badge through file managers.

Youtube music

But nevertheless, we could not store it directly in the application so we could play it without having to rely on file managers. Fortunately it seems that this is about to change as Google guys are testing the possibility of playing our music stored on the device directly from YouTube Music without having to resort to file management applications, a movement that will certainly offer us greater versatility and comfort and that will be another blow to Play Music, also from Google

In the image that we show you at the top, we can see how from the Library tab, we have access to Device Files where they are shown All files in music format available on our device. (See attached video embedded in the header of this article)

Of course, the songs available they cannot be added to any reproduction queue that we have in the application. Another of the limitations is that we will not be able to send the music that is playing to a connected device, be it a Google Home, Sonos, Amazon Alexa or any other device that allows us to enjoy our music in a more comfortable way and with higher quality.

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