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YouPorn launches Android application so … Well, you know

Come on, we have not advanced with smartphones: from using computers with huge screens to having everything in one reduced device and contained screen. And is that mobile phones are perfect for playing music, movies, series … And, ahem, porn. Raise your hand who has not accidentally entered pages like Youporn.

It's not that browsing websites «NSFW»Or unfit for work is cumbersome from the smartphone, but it is often improvable. There are some websites that have their own Android application, such as PornHub. Too Youporn, although in a different way: the famous adult portal has opted for a web app.

YouPorn launches a web app for its adult videos page: minimum weight and adapted playback

YouPorn releases Android application so ... Well, you know

The web apps are web browser based applications They offer access to content without having to perform an extensive installation on the phone. They are the key, for example, to reduce mobile space without much storage, such as Android Go. Google Maps has a web app. Now also YouPorn.

You already know what you will find in the new Android application: educational content tutiplén prepared to fit perfectly on the mobile screen. In this way you can not only watch your favorite videos whenever you want, also anywhere. In the bathroom, the back of the bus … Well, that's your imagination.

YouPorn releases Android application so ... Well, you know

We were going to put more screenshots of the application, but … Better not

The installation process of the web app is so simple that it will only take a few steps:

  • Access this application page.
  • Click on «Install for Android«.
  • Follow the installation steps: just load the portal page, open the Google Chrome menu (or browser compatible with web apps) and click on «Install«.
  • Chrome will install access to YouPorn in your app drawer. Then you just have to move it to the desks or leave it hidden in a folder, as if the mobile were the computer.

Youporn Not only does it have a web app for Android users, but also those who own an iOS device can create their own access to the portal. The application is very well adapted to mobile devices, loads the page and content faster, will not reflect the history in your browser (wink, wink) and always stay updated.