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You can now order the Joker movie on DVD and Blu-ray

joker dvd bluray movieThe movie Joker, one of the most controversial and acclaimed of recent times, is now available for you to order on DVD and Blu-ray and take this masterful story to the comfort of your home.

It was not yet known when the packages arrive at the stores or at the hands of those who have ordered in advance, but everything seems to indicate that it is the first week of December, just in time for end-of-year purchases. We will keep you informed when we know more details.

The standard DVD edition can be purchased in advance for $ 19.99 dollars, while the Blu-ray format in 4K Ultra HD, packaged in a Steelbook Special Edition metal box and also comes with a digital copy, can be ordered for $ 34.99 dollars. For now, Best Buy is the only place where you can place your orders in the United States.

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In Joker, actor Joaquin Phoenix masterfully plays Arthur Fleck, a man ignored by society with a series of personal conflicts. The film offers a broad view of the circumstances that lead Arthur to become one of Gotham's greatest villains.

Since its premiere in theaters in early October, Joker It reached more success than predicted, despite controversies prior to its release around the violence that the character could inspire. In its first weekend at the box office the film raised – only in North America – more than $ 93 million dollars. After his millionaire achievement, it became the highest grossing premiere that took place in October, surpassing even Venom, which raised $ 80 million in 2018.

After its second weekend on the big screen, the film crossed the $ 500 million mark worldwide, with more than $ 350 million of its profits from foreign markets. That number continues to increase, so not only can it become the highest grossing film of all time, but film industry analysts that track the box office performance of films around the world, claim that it is on its way to exceed one billion dollars (one billion) in profits globally, if you can maintain momentum both in the country and abroad.

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