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Xiaomi may announce MIUI 7 very soon


Xiaomi may announce MIUI 7 very soon

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July 24, 2015

Xiaomi has finally consolidated as one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones, and mobile devices in general, Worldwide. Although the Chinese company is still not officially distributing its products outside the limits of its country of origin, it has managed to position itself among the leading positions, only surpassed by Samsung, Apple and Lenovo (third after the purchase of Motorola). A popularity given above all by high quality devices that are launched at very competitive prices, but also by other aspects such as its MIUI software, Android customization layer that could jump from version 6 in which it is currently at 7 in a few weeks according to the latest rumors.

Xiaomi's personalization layer, MIUI, is a favorite of many users who find in it the Perfect midpoint between Android and iOS, the two major operating systems. While it is true that the interface is built on the foundations of Google's operating system, it drinks a lot from Apple's minimalist aesthetic, but without being as closed as this one since it has access to the app stores (official and external), Android customization and freedom.

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<p>The sixth version of MIUI was published in mid-August 2014 with news such as a much flatter and more colorful redesign, new functions, gestures, saving modes and various native applications, among others. As many of you will know, <strong>MIUI 6 is based on Android 5.0 Lollipop,</strong> but for some months now Android 5.1 Lollipop is available that improves some things and corrects many problems and Xiaomi intends to take the <strong>latest version of Android</strong> Today to your devices.</p>
<p>According to the information that has leaked in the last hours, <strong>MIUI 7 would be based on Android 5.1</strong> <strong>Lollipop</strong> precisely and <strong>could be announced on August 16</strong>, just when a year of the release of the current version of your customization layer would be completed. It would be a logical move and also necessary after a year with MIUI 6. As for the novelties that would include, in addition to those of the operating system itself, it is difficult to venture to say something since Xiaomi is usually quite original and is not very predictable . What it seems is that it could be released with the <strong>Xiaomi Mi5 and Mi 5 Plus</strong>, flagships of 2015 that have not yet been presented, perhaps also with the<strong> MiPad 2 tablet.</strong></p>
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