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Xiaomi Aqara N100 smart lock with integrated HomeKit

The Asian manufacturer has an increasingly extensive catalog of products and solutions. The Chinese firm does not stop presenting gadgets of all kinds, demonstrating that, in addition to a complete telephone division, it has more than enough muscle to be a reference in different sectors. We have already seen some of the firm's iOT solutions and the new Xiaomi smart lock You're going to love it. Especially if you use Apple HomeKit and you care a lot about security.

And, the manufacturer based in Pekn has again bet on Aqara to launch its new smart lock, a model that has different unlocking systems, and that stands out for being compatible with the smart home system created by Apple. A big surprise, which makes it clear that Xiaomi begins to bet heavily on HomeKit.

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On the other hand, say that this smart lock, which comes under the name of Aqara N100, has been launched through the collective financing platform of the Chinese firm, where it is being a resounding success. And, we are facing a really safe system, with an exceptional design and compatible with HomeKit and Mi Home. What else can we ask for?

Design and features of Aqara N100

In the aesthetic section, we find a product that stands out for its tempered glass finishes, making clear the intention of the manufacturer to offer a premium and quality product. That s, although it has a height design, it does not mean that it is Aqara and Xiaomi smart lock count on different security systems that will prevent the lovers of others from enforcing it.

Even if someone tries to make it begin to sound an audible alarm that, with total security, will cause them to flee in terror. That s, as you could see in the video that accompanies these lines, the new Aqara N100 lock withstands absolutely everything: fire, liquid nitrogen, hammering … Any element used to force this lock, be used in vain.

Smart lock

On the other hand, in the front part is where the keypad number is located, which will serve to open the door through a code that we have established in the application. And the handle of the knob? It is where they have placed the fingerprint reader. On the other hand, and as usual in devices of this type, the Aqara N100 It is capable of unlocking through NFC, Bluetooth, temporary numeric codes and even remotely using Apple's Aple HomeKit or Mi Home.

Regarding the price of this impressive Xiaomi smart lock, say that it can be purchased through the manufacturer's website for 1149 yuan, about 147 euros to change. A really interesting figure, more taking into account its complete technical characteristics, in addition to its exquisite design.