WhatsApp states will work as Instagram or Facebook

WhatsApp states will work as Instagram or Facebook

One of the biggest changes we have seen in recent years both on the Internet and in applications, especially in social networks, is how the way of displaying content has changed.

At the beginning, in the forums and other online publications, it was normal to see the new news first, in an order called inverse chronological. This is normal since what interests you most is perhaps the latest published.

But a few years ago companies began to change this, introducing variables that responded to other criteria, such as the author of the publication, the relevance of it, whether or not they had multimedia content … That's why services like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram started to hide posts from people we followed. And now it's the turn of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp tests the algorithms in their states

The company has confirmed that it is carrying out small tests on some users from countries like Spain where they It is showing the updates of the WhatsApp statuses not according to the order of publication but the interest it might have in those publications.

The algorithms will be responsible for ordering the publications of our contacts, based on parameters that are obviously not public.

At the moment these tests are being carried out with iPhone users in countries such as Spain, Brazil and India. Later it will reach more countries and users of other platforms, such as Android.

It has not been confirmed if this modification will also end up coming to the order in which we see the chats of the application, but it may not be something relevant since we usually always open that type of communication, contrary to what happens with emails , for example.

WhatsApp states are increasingly relevant

This movement comes at a time when the use of states grows more than the company expected. More than 450 million users usually use them and it is clear that they could be the way to introduce WhatsApp ads just like Instagram does in the stories, without harming the part of the chats.