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Video contact with Apple headphones

A few days ago, the American manufacturer surprised us with the new AirPods Pro. Yes, after the great disappointment that was the second generation of Apple headphones, the Cupertino-based firm has been compensated with a much more complete and vitaminized model. For this reason, before analyzing them in depth, we bring you a complete contact. Are they up to expectations?

We speak of a more expensive version than previous versions, but in return we have much more complete headphones. Especially due to the fact that the new solution of the American manufacturer has active noise cancellation, a great detail to take into account. During this unboxing and first impressions of the AirPods Pro, let's get a first idea of ??what to expect.

Design and features of the AirPods Pro

At the aesthetic level, we find a box that has a design very similar to that of previous versions. Yes, they are slightly larger, but in general, the AirPods Pro case is quite similar to that of its predecessor. As in the previous models, it has a button to link the headphones quickly and easily.

AirPods Pro pads

Another detail comes with the apads that integrate the AirPods Pro. Yes, finally the manufacturer has opted for a more stable support system so, regardless of the size of your auditory pavilion, you can use it more comfortably. But, without a doubt, the main protagonists are headphones.

AirPods Pro case

And, in this case we see a notable design change. On the one hand, we have the new pads, in addition to the body of the AirPods Pro headphones, which by means of pressure allow us to activate different functions. On the other hand, we find the external sensors that will help your active noise cancellation system do its job.

AirPods Pro headset

We will have to wait for a in-depth analysis of the AirPods Pro, but for now it looks pretty good. We will even have a mode called transparency, and that will allow us to listen to what anyone tells us, while listening to music. Finally, say that the box of these new Apple headphones has wireless charging, a feature that we had been asking for a long time. Is it worth the change? Taking into account the clear differences from previous models, s that has enough improvements. The problem is that, as always, at that price (remember that they cost 279 euros) you can buy solutions that, with total security, will offer better performance.