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Twitter already allows us to quote tweets with photos, videos and GIFs

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<p>In recent years, mainly since the arrival of Jack Dorsey to the position of head of the company he helped found, Twitter has been adding <strong>new functions in addition to improving some of those already present.</strong> However, it seems that the ability to edit tweets remains a matter of status that has not just been addressed.</p>
<p>Twitter has announced through an account on this social network, that it is already possible <strong>retweet / quote tweets by adding text, video or GIF.</strong> However, it seems that this has been the first step of those to come, since the company wants to enhance the use and interaction of the retweets.</p><div class=


In this way, if we want to retweet or respond to a tweet that already incorporates an image, we can do it with any other type of multimedia file, an option that surely you have missed on more than one occasion. When we respond or retweet a tweet, the original tweet is shown in the lower part at a smaller size within a larger picture where the tweet we have published in response to the original is located.

In the coming months, Twitter is planning launch a complete renewal of the interface on mobile devices, an interface that allows us to know in a simpler way what are the tweets with user interaction, follow the threads of the tweets …

For now, this option It is only available in mobile applications. As the days go by, according to the company, it will also be available through the official website that we can access directly from our usual browser.

If you want to be informed at all times of all thes news related to the Android world that we publish every day, you can do it through our Twitter account @androisis.

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