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Tizen or how Samsung plays two bands

Some Samsung Gear

That Android is the most used operating system in the world is something that nobody can doubt. Many are its virtues, although it must be said that some other defect also has. This must be thought by the heads of the Korean multinational, since for a couple of years they are launchingwearables with an alternative operating system: Tizen.

When Samsung started with this policy, many of us were happy, since having more operating systems within our reach is beneficial for users, as competition hardens and those responsible for the three major systems (Google, Apple and Windows) have to improve their products, which translates into improving substantial in future versions.

If we think about the question, the key is in the word "only", and I can think of three possible answers:

  1. That Samsung has not optimized this operating system, so thewearables they are "essays" to be able to launch a future smartphone faultlessly. Devising a new operating system does not have to be easy, and if we take into account the competition that a new one will have today, it is better to launch it with the least possible failures. wearables It is a perfect test bench, and Samsung has noticed. If we consider that Google charges a fee to manufacturers for the use of their system, developing your own is not a bad idea for large companies
  2. Samsung guarantees the use of thesewearables uniquely and exclusively with the phones of its Galaxy S range: Samsung is a manufacturer of mobile devices, and as such, the sale of its devices is the only priority (if you have a device that needs to be connected to a phone, better be your own brand!). This cannot be criticized by any manufacturer. The official list of devices compatible with wearables Samsung is limited exclusively to phones of the Korean company, although it is true that you do not have to search hard to find apps that allow us to use it with competitive terminals.
  3. Samsung is where it is for Android, and Android is what it is thanks to Samsung: Since Google launched its own operating system, Samsung has been one of the manufacturers that has generated more sales, so a break from this "marriage" could be dangerous for both parties. It has been rumored for a long time that Google may have financially encouraged the Korean manufacturer to delay as much as possible the launch of a hypothetical Galaxy S with Tizen as the operating system. But the latter are just rumors, so your credibility can leave much to be desired.

Android Wear, the rival to beat:

Until last May, there is no real alternative to Tizen as operating system of wearables, and it is not that these devices did not exist, but most make use of an Android designed to smartphones, which made the user experience very diminished.

But in the past Google I / O of the month of June, those of Cupertino presented Android Wear, a completely new system and only intended for this kind of devices, which allows you to offer an optimal user experience on small screens. Samsung joined this bet with the Galaxy Gear Live, and many of us thought we would park Tizen to help Google in this promising new project. But it seems that Samsung does not stop surprising us and in September it used the IFA fair in Berlin to launch the Samsung Gear S, returning to Tizen, so Was the Gear Live just anecdotal? Time will tell.

Gear S vs Gear Live

Tizen not be a real alternative until asmartphonehigh-end with this operating system:

It's a shame, but the reality is that. The launch of a Samsung Galasy S with Tizen instead of Android, no doubt it will be a blow on the table by Samsung for application developers to look more at Tizen and begin to develop optimized versions of existing applications both in Google Play and in other stores of other operating systems (iOs and Windows Phone).

And you, Can you imagine a version of the future Samsung Galaxy S VI with Tizen? Stop Samsung from using Android? Let us know!