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These applications are free for a short time, describe them now

We are packing to go this weekend to the center of mobile technology, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ??but we were not going to forget about our usual Tuesday section: free apps. There is no bad selection today, so you know what you should do: download all the apps one by one and keep them in your library forever.

At the time of writing this article all offers had the marked cost, both free and the various discounts. Of course, since they are temporary discounts, it is likely that when you go to download them they have disappeared. It is usual, so We can only guarantee its price as we publish the offers. Hurry up!

Free apps

Free games

Free customization applications

Do not say goodbye to offers, which are still highly recommended. Do you want to download good software at an excellent price? Take a look at the following discounts on apps and games, are thin cinnamon.

EasyJoin «Pro»: Send SMS from PC, files, clipboard

This application offers an excellent way to exchange files and manage your mobile from your computer. There are several versions of Easy Join, even a fully functional and free one. But, since the most complete of all has a 30% discount, why not take advantage of it?

The House of Da Vinci

An excellent point and click style game that will surely remind you of The Room saga. Well, not only remains in line with the quality of this saga, it also exceeds in several aspects. To find out you just have to download your copy of The house of Da Vinci: has a 34% discount.

Nimian Legends: BrightRidge

A delicate and handmade role-playing game in which you can explore an open world by letting yourself be enveloped by its history and also by its soundtrack. It is a real wonder that is worth acquiring: you have it with a 55% discount.

Headup games

This developer, characteristic for its excellent bridge games, keeps several of its titles on offer. We already highlighted them last week, but they return to our sales section since their discounts are worth it. Up to 71% less!

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