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The versatile and lightweight projector

This definitely comes as a ring to the finger for lovers to showcase their ideas everywhere while enjoying / sharing a good movie or match in any space without much equipment.

All this is possible with the LG HD Mini Beam projector available by 399 euros– Since it has a small size and weight of only 430 grams. In addition, this new terminal with an estimated life of 30,000 hours – has been equipped with a high quality LED lamp capable of offering an image up to 100 inches.

This off-road projector is very versatile.

In addition to this compilation of plus, the LG HD Mini Beam has several connection options that allow the user not only to duplicate the image of a television, but also documents stored on his computer, smartphone, flash drive and tablet, among other devices.

The HD Mini Beam is not only very comfortable to transport, but it is tremendously operational. Because it automatically adjusts the projection angle, you can forget about the heavy task of constantly adjusting the lens focus, sources from the South Korean leader explained.