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The share of Android Oreo could improve thanks to Chinese mobiles


Chinese mobiles can be the best allies of Android Oreo?

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January 25, 2018

common problems with android oreo

Almost every week we tell you something more about Android Oreo, such as the news that would bring your new Beta and would see the light very soon. However, the good and bad news about the last member of the family of the green robot, have been happening very quickly. Among the shadows with which you still have to live, we find a smaller implementation than expected by its developers.

One of the causes of this reception, which is currently around 1%, is the fact that many manufacturers have not yet decidedly opted for this software in their latest models. However, there are significant differences between brands and interestingly, the most discreet, especially from China, could be the ones that gave a significant boost to help balance the accounts. Below we will see some examples of second division terminals that can be an important ally for this member of the green robot family.

ulephone power 3 android oreo

Android Oreo, an effective claim

Currently, we can find a series of models that oscillate between the low and medium range that, to try to set aside some topics and generate some interest, incorporate, in theory, this platform or, in its original state, or under layers of personalization. Some examples can be found in ZUK, the Lenovo subsidiary that has decided to add it on models such as the Z2 Pro through the ZUI 3.5 interface itself, or also, Motorola. If we continue to specify Chinese mobiles with this operating system, we can see another example in the Ulephone Power 3.

European brands also add up

Although the Old Continent is more a consumer electronics receiver than a producer in the strict sense, here it is also possible to find technologies that in their countries of origin have a certain position such as the Romanian Allview, which we talked about a few days ago to tell you more about his new mobile, the V3 Vper that would stay in the limit between low cost and somewhat higher but that would also add version 8.

cheap phones allview v3

Some supports with limits

Although firms such as those we have mentioned can contribute to improving the quota of Android Oreo, the truth is that the impact of this support can be limited, since, as we have seen, they are discrete technologies that would fit into the lower divisions. But what is currently happening with the largest? Your support is essential and among them, we can find other examples such as LG, which will support to update this software to the European version of your G6.

What do you think? Do you think that in the end, Android Oreo will significantly improve its figures? We leave you with related information such as what is already known about Google I / O 2018 and Android P so you can learn more.