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The Power Rangers can now fight on your Android: try it [APK]

The Power Rangers game, the childhood favorite superheroes of many of us, is here. And in a curious way although of course known.

Power Rangers: RPG. That is the name of the Power Rangers Android game that You can try today. It has already come out in beta form through APK, and although on its Play Store page it appears that it has not been released yet, the truth is that you can download the APK and play it.

We will talk to you about the curious way in which the Power Rangers have been taken to the small screen and we will tell you if this title is really worth it, or it will stay in the drawer of adaptations such as Final Fantasy or Digimon. One last detail: the game is completely in English.

This is the Power Rangers game for Android

Power Rangers can now fight on your Android: so you can play (APK)

The developer of Power Rangers: RPG has been Move Games, and we have to say that the adaptation has come out fairly good. Follow the concept that many have already chosen in pursuit of the fashion of Android games, but with a good execution that leaves us with a title that takes us to those times where we wanted to be those righteous Power Rangers.

Power Rangers can now fight on your Android: so you can play (APK)

The game has a 3D graphics very well carried out, and as the title says well, the game has a mechanic RPG style. We will have a squad of our best Power Rangers with their respective skills that we will have to control in real time.

The interface buttons are varied. We have a dedicated button to send all our warriors for a special enemy and others with even more specific functions, such as a button to double the damage (spending more time) and a button that we didn't like: An auto attack button.

Power Rangers can now fight on your Android: so you can play (APK)

We will meet enemies in real time, and we will have to execute skills in case we need them. Our Power Rangers will attack automatically, and if we press the "Auto" button, our heroes will do their skills automatically.

The combat system is very good. It is dynamic, the special effects are very well done and follow the lines of a good RPG game. But we did not like the automatic button, since playing a little we have realized that it is enough to give that button And the game does the rest. In addition to the automatic attack, the player tends to witness more than play.

Between the automatic button and the automated attack, in the end we see more than we play

Obviously we can deactivate the button and that's it, apart from moving allies to other parts of the battle to heal and not lose too much life. Power Rangers: RPG bases its levels on dungeons to overcome defeating a series of enemies and a final boss.

A complete but known game

Power Rangers can now fight on your Android: so you can play (APK)