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The next Sony phones may have flexible screens


Sony may incorporate flexible screens to its next phablets

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January 30, 2018

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A few days ago we told you more about Sony's strategy to continue manufacturing mobiles in 2018. The Japanese technology company, which has lost some positions with respect to its rivals, especially Chinese, in the smartphone sector, would be willing to recover the lost ground not with the launch of new models more frequently, but with significant improvements in the existing ones and with the incorporation of other elements in the next ones.

A few hours ago more details were known about what could be considered the other great tactic of the Japanese brand to achieve that goal. Then we tell you more about it and see if it is something really innovative or an experiment in which other companies in the rest of the world have already taken their first steps.

Flexible screens

As collected from PhoneArena, Sony would be working with LG in the manufacture of OLED screens since a time ago. Until now, these panels were equipped in the largest technology stands such as televisions. The striking thing is that now, these diagonals will also make the leap to the phablets that the Japanese company will launch soon, and the highlight is that they could also be flexible.

sony xperia xz premium phablets

Sony follows in the wake of others

Screens that can be folded and manipulated seem to be the future, at least in the medium term, on tablets and smartphones. This results in some of the world's largest companies already taking their first steps in this field. The first to speak in this regard was Samsung, which began developing a prototype with this characteristic more than three years ago. However, more discreetly, others from China have been added, such as Doogee, which could add to this trend in 2018.

Will we have some clues more soon?

So far, this initiative has not been reflected in any specific model, which fuels the unknowns on when it could finally materialize and above all, if in the end it will end up reaching the general public or not. What is known for now, is that in the MWC that will take place in a month or so, Sony could announce a phablet nicknamed for now Xperia XZ Pro which would have a 4K resolution. What do you think? Do you think that Asian technology can have good results in the future with the inclusion of flexible diagonals or will we have to wait a while to check it? We leave you with related information such as a water and dust resistant terminal that I would be preparing so you can learn more.