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The new Gmail finally reaches all Android

A few days ago we were shocked with the Gmail redesign, the most common application on Android to send and receive email. The change of the interface is remarkable: in a more rudimentary style, with red as an accent color, we turn to a completely blank design with the characteristic cleanliness of Material Design. Didn't you force the update waiting for it to officially arrive? Well, you already have it.

Gmail for Android officially reaches all phones and tablets with this system. And it does so by expanding the update through the Google Play Store: no need to install Apk files. The experience improves markedly even if there are no changes in use beyond graphic style.

Google expands the new Gmail interface through Google Play

The new Gmail finally reaches all Android

As usual, a time passes between the first users getting access to the news and these definitely reach all compatible apps. Google has been made to beg, surely to prove that everything was correct. And now the update is extended in a generic way.

Just go to the Google Play Store to update to the latest version. After installing the version you will see that:

  • The interface dispenses with red color accents to highlight only the most important.
  • You can choose between several interface styles: default, convenient and compact. Depending on which one you choose you will have more or less items on the screen.
  • Material Design In the new Gmail it completely cleans the interface offering a very minimalist and bright appearance.
  • The source changes to Google Sans to fit the rest of the redesign.
  • The change between the different email accounts is made from the upper right bubble of the screen.

The new Gmail finally reaches all Android

Beyond aesthetics, the application remains the same: it offers access to your Google accounts and other mail services, all within the same application. The use itself does not change, but it does get nicer: removing the entire red top bar of the old Gmail offers the impression that the tray is much tidier. And the emails that should stand out are also more prominent.

You can update your Gmail application from the Google Play Store.