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The iPhone 12 will have a 120 Hz ProMotion display

iPhone 12 concept

One of the technologies we miss most on the iPhone 11 was a screen with ProMotion technology. For two generations the iPad Pro include this new screen with a refresh rate that doubles to what we are normally used to to see in panels of this type.

This year the Android competition has already started to launch smartphones with screens with a refresh rate of 90 Hz and it seems that Apple include this technology in the iPhone 12 next year as reported by the media Digitimes.

We will finally have ProMotion on the iPhone

For those who do not know, the refresh rate of a screen is the frequency with which a screen updates the number of images it shows per second, the higher it is greater "feeling of fluidity" we will have when using it or moving around the mens. It may seem like something that can only be appreciated at certain times, but once you get used to it, you don't want to go back.

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Since his arrival at the iPad in 2017, many expected the iPhone to be the next device to incorporate, however it seems that the problems of consumption of this type of panels make it unfeasible. However, Apple must have found the solution since next year's iPhone will feature a 120Hz screen with ProMotion technology like that of the iPad Pro.

It has not been specified which models will have this new display with refresh rate of 120 Hz, although it is likely to be something exclusive to the "Pro" models. We know that next year there will be major design changes on the iPhone and that Apple is planning a new strategy, perhaps with 4 different models.

Anyway, there is still a lot for us to confirm, but being something already quite common in the Android competition it is clear that Apple must take the step and We will finally see ProMotion technology on an iPhone in 2020.