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The Galaxy A90 with 5G has been officially certified


A few months ago we heard rumors about the Galaxy A90. It is a model that would arrive in this renewed Samsung mid-range, although due to its specifications we could place it almost within the high range. It would also be the first 5G phone to be launched within this segment, in an attempt by the Korean brand to launch a 5G phone with a more accessible price for users.

It seems that this model is already a little closer to reaching the market. The Galaxy A90 has already been certified officially, which means it could arrive in a few months. A launch with which Samsung will expand its selection of 5G phones in the market.

On this occasion, the Galaxy A90 has obtained the SIG Bluetooth certification. This is usually something that happens when there is little to launch a phone, so it is assumed that this model would not take too long to be official. In addition, it seems that there would be two versions of the device.

Samsung Galaxy A90

It is expected that there is a version with 4G and another with 5G of the phone. So the second would be more expensive and would have the modem that makes the Snapdragon 855 chip have this compatibility. Since in previous leaks we have seen that this would be the processor that the phone will use.

So it is likely that the Galaxy A90 is launched later this year officially to the market. It would be a launch of interest, with which we see how this family of phones continues to expand. It has been a positive surprise for users, for the variety of models, their good quality and good prices in general.

In any case, Samsung has not confirmed anything so far About this device. So we will have to wait for more leaks like this, to know more about this Galaxy A90. A launch that promises to be interesting, and that will leave us with a 5G phone more to choose from.

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