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The funniest YouTube videos to die of laughter

Humor is something very personal, but there are some sequences that are innately fun. We are sure that you have your own collection of favorite YouTube videos, but we will propose ours. Some of them are incredibly popular, while others have gone unnoticed, but all are subjectively entertaining. We show you our selection of the funniest YouTube videos.

  • Note: While all the videos below are found on YouTube and meet YouTube?s accepted standards for content, some of them contain adult language, so they may be considered unsafe for the job.

Buzz and the dandelions

A baby's laugh is so contagious that you can't help not laughing out loud at her; There are many videos of babies laughing, but this is one of our favorites.

Mashed Taters

A video recorded in flash that became a YouTube video and in turn a meme. Samwise's explanation of what potatoes are, is a classic that still makes us laugh all these years later.


There are great singers and then there are superb singers. This extract of Big enough Kirin J Callinan really makes clear that distinction.

The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger

How not to worship someone who affectionately describes the pranks of an endearing nature being? We refer to the humble weave in one of the most spicy videos you will find.

Talking twin babies

Linguists around the world continue to work to decipher this inexplicable language that no one has been able to translate in all these years, at least among adults. We may never know what they said, but it was clearly important and worth remembering with cario.

Henri 2, Paw de Deux

We take a moment of respite in our review to address a serious problem: the mental illness of some cats. If you know a cat who is suffering from it, be sure to ask for professional help.

My Cover of the Universal Song

We recommend lowering the volume a bit before playing this video Or maybe not. Fear and fun are separated by a thin line.

Grape Lady Falls

It is not corts to laugh at the misfortune of others, but are we to blame for this poor lady to lament in that funny way?

Joaquin Phoenix's forehead

Who would have thought that the forehead of an actor could enjoy as many compliments as all his work? Well, maybe not, but it is certainly good enough to have a good time.

Charlie bit my finger

One of the first video memes that marked a whole generation of Internet: Charlie bit my finger, and it still makes us laugh like the first day or we also love interviews conducted by the little ones.

The final fart

Farts are objectively fun, but what about faking farts in public places? People's disgusted looks are priceless.

History of the entire world, I guess

It's rare to find 20 minutes of something that makes you laugh nonstop, especially on YouTube. But this video has succeeded: it has made us laugh throughout much of its long duration.

Taylor Swift I Knew You Were Trouble Ft. Screamin goat

The title says it all in one of the most special versions that no doubt they will have done to Taylor Swift. It is worth seeing and laughing at ease