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The death aground is "extraordinary," says legendary director George Miller

Sebastian Jimenez

The director of works such as Mad Max: Fury Road has high praise for the game.

You can say a lot about Hideo Kojima, but one thing that is undeniable is his love for cinema. That love is in all your next game, Stranded death. Literally, not only does it star a large number of talents known for film or television, but also to see the return of its iconic scenes of long form from which it moved away a little with Metal Gear Solid 5. It seems that the film is bringing some of that love also this time, since a legendary film director seems to think very well what he has seen of the game.

In an interview with IGN, director George Miller spoke briefly about the game, saying that what he saw was extraordinary, saying it was a breath of fresh air from the perspective of storytelling and one of the examples of much-needed new ideas in the mainstream. He also praises Kojima, saying that he sees traps in the artist of a true author.

Miller is something like a legend in its own right as the creator of Mad max franchise and more recently I directed the highly acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road. Of course, as neat as it is, how much Miller really knows about the games or how much he has really seen of Stranded death It is not clear, but surely to be a feather in Hideo Kojima's hat as a known cinfilo.