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The best ways to free up memory space on your Android


The best ways to free up memory space on your Android

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August 4, 2015

free memory on Android

It is true that many of the big manufacturers are already choosing in 2015 for a minimum of 32 GB for the internal memory of their flagships. Still we still receive new batch devices that keep the reference of the 8 gigabytes like the recent Moto G3 or some basic range tablets. If you are just in space, we recommend a series of operations that will free some memory on your Android.

While the problem of memory in computers seemed to begin to be solved, the emerging mobile era is taking us once again the exit box. Sometimes micro SD cards can serve as a patch, however, the best thing for the performance of the equipment is that the data is always stored in a Flash. On the other hand, the modules that allow us to have a capacity for 128 gigs of storage, although normally the variant of a model with such amount of space is not usually accessible to all pockets, rather the opposite, they are very rare copies of seeing in the street.

Today we review the most common formulas for get scratch a few megabytes or even the odd giga to the memory of your tablet or smartphone.

Uninstall what you don't use

Logically, it is important start with the most basic. Rare is the time when we take a look at our application drawer and we do not find something that we have not used for a long time and that does not fit into our plans to use, at least in the short term.

disable app on Android

If these applications were preinstalled on the device it will be a bit complicated to get rid of them, but there are a way to decrease them: we must go to the menu of settings ’enter the section‘ applications ’go to‘ all ’and there all we can do is disable them. In this way we will not only prevent some of them from being active in the background, but we will have the opportunity to delete updates that have been kept in our team thus getting free some space.

In case the application we do not use has been installed by ourselves it will be much easier to remove it from the device: we simply press and hold it on the home screen. Another issue: in the same section of ‘applications’, if we thoroughly review ‘downloaded’, we may encounter accessories from other apps that we have even been able to erase a long time ago and that they no longer perform any function in the team. Down with them.

Delete application data

Applications usually save temporary data in the memory of the device to speed up the navigation, however, such data is not essential at all and in many cases they are occupying a precious space. The browser that we use most frequently, social networks and Spotify applications are those services that more information will accumulate on the device To clear the temporary memory of an app we must go to ‘settings’> ‘applications’ and enter each of them, giving it to erase data in which it seems convenient.

delete application data