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The best unofficial YouTube apps

What you can't find in Youtube? Surely nothing, its users manage to upload all kinds of video and audio content. From the most unsuspected tutorials to chapters of your favorite series. And to see all this on your mobile you only need one thing: the YouTube app. Or a browser, of course.

The app of the largest video platform worldwide is more than enough for you to use any video at your fingertips. Open the app, enter your account, see your favorites … And hit the play. Simple and very fast; although with some discomforts.

While Android It has an official application that usually comes preinstalled, it is possible access YouTube in many other ways. One of them is the browser, as we said before; also other apps that, in addition to allowing the playback of videos, offer added features.

Today we will choose our YouTube alternatives preferred. With all of them you will have access to your favorite videos and also to highly demanded functions, such as downloading content to watch it offline. All are installed through an Apk, you know what that implies.

YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced

It is certainly our favorite application. Complete, very updated, with a style that does not distance itself from the official, customizable application, with option to login with your account? And it has additions such as downloading videos, playing in a floating window or with the screen turned off.

You can download YouTube Vanced from this page of XDA Developers. The developers constantly update it, another guarantee for you to try.


The best unofficial YouTube apps

The first obstacle of this alternative to Youtube is that the app is simple, maybe too much. Although yes, it is enough and is left over to offer you what the official version restricts natively: download videos, playback with the screen off, selection of playback quality …

NewPipe It has no ads, it is open source and you can download it from F-Droid or Uptodown

Videoder Video Downloader

The best unofficial YouTube apps

The fourth application of the selected offers a very good viewing experience. Dispose of YouTube video download and also other services, such as Instagram, Facebook or TikTok. The design is quite similar to official YouTube, so it is easy to adapt to its use. Although yes, it offers certain privacy risks since Videoder It keeps a lot of usage data. We recommend not logging in with your Google account.

You can download Videoder since Uptodown.

With these four applications you can perfectly replace the official YouTube application. You will still have access to the videos and, as an extra, you will have advanced options that the official application does not offer. Of course, you can always subscribe to YouTube Premium: the Android app improves significantly with that subscription.