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The 'almost' Nintendo game that makes you a UFO: Part Time UFO

Become a UFO and do part-time jobs thanks to your ability to fly and your hook to grab objects.

If i name you HAL Laboratory, surely many of those who read this article do not know who they are. But perhaps there are many more who know the mythical character Kirby, the Pokémon saga and the well-known Super Smash Brosh from different platforms. Well, HAL Laboratory is the developer behind this game that we bring you.

This game, Part Time UFO, could be considered almost a Nintendo game for mobile platforms. Although it does not have the seal of the great N, this developer has published games only for Nintendo consoles. And after trying it I can ensure that it transmits that "good vibes" that emanate all Nintendo games.

You are a UFO and you have to earn money to get improvements, that's what Part Time UFO is about

The game has a pixelated, nice and colorful aesthetic. You are a UFO and you will have to earn money to get improvements from part-time jobs. Thanks to your ability to fly and a hook built into the bottom, you will have to perform various types of work. From picking things up on a truck to riding a Greek temple.

The money earned in the work will allow you buy new costumes in the store. These costumes you provide new skills in order to save you efforts in your partial jobs. Or, of course, because you want to wear a new model in your work. It is already everyone's business.

The controls are not complex at all, rely on a lever and a button. With the lever you move and with the button you actuate the hook so that it lowers and takes what it has underneath. To release, just press the button again. I have to say that the game is not complicated but it is not a walk either. You have to take into account the objects, place them well and do not fall when placing others. At least I had to repeat the Greek pantheon several times.

The way they give you the game, how they show it to you and how you move forward is typical of a Nintendo game. Everything is captured in a fun, funny way and that fits very well between every job you have to do. A ideal game to spend dead time on public transport or waiting for something or someone.

A price that is scary but worth paying

Yes, the game has a price that many will pull back. It's ? 4.49 what this game costs and, in my opinion, I'm glad I bought it. As a personal opinion and lover of video games, I am tired of the same mechanics. And this game is not one more of the bunch.

I only see the same type of games on Google Play and I think there is a potential to exploit here. Fast games, fun and that require you a little difficulty, this is the real objective of mobile games. HAL Laboratory has captured this essence and published Part Time UFO, a game that is enjoyed. Levels of different difficulty, different dialogues and an animated music that invites you to have fun.