3 best Battle Royale Call of Duty Mobile classes

The 3 best classes for the Battle Royale of Call of Duty Mobile

3 best Battle Royale Call of Duty Mobile classes

You don't like to lose anything? Well then surely you want to know what are the best classes to win in the Battle Royale of Call of Duty Mobile. Here we are going to show you exactly that, because we have spent hours and hours looking for those classes that make a difference when competing against other players.

The 3 best COD Mobile classes for Battle Royale mode

Before showing you what are the best classes to play the Battle Royale mode of COD Mobile, it is necessary to clarify that they refer to the game alone. The game in two or in squad of up to four people is very different, so you only We recommend using these classes when you play on your own.

COD Mobile Clown Class

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This class allows you to carry the classic toy bomb how much has been seen in the zombie mode of the Call of Duty saga. When this bomb is launched in Battle Royale mode, a group of zombies comes out of nowhere and attacks the player that is closest.

While the damage generated by these zombies is minimal compared to that generated by bullets or grenades, it is really useful when it is at the mercy of other players in the cross country.

COD Mobile Ninja Class

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If you are looking for a class that can easily end all those players who select the Clown class, then you must choose the Ninja class. The same It is extremely decisive and perfectly counteracts the ability of the Clown class.

In addition, this class will allow you to travel at high speed and without any impediment, because its retractable hook is extremely useful in all situations. But that's not all, this hook also allows you to position yourself better than your enemies, or escape unwanted encounters in a much faster way.

Medical Class of COD Mobile.

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While the two classes mentioned above are the best for playing Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty Mobile, we cannot ignore the third best class in the game. The Doctor's class offers several advantages, although the one that stands out is the one that allows you to heal at any time during the game.

To do this, the doctor's class allows you to use a botiqun, which once used, restores the character's entire life in a matter of seconds. Although not all is good news for this class, because so that the botiqun can restore the health of our character, it is necessary to be within the green circle that appears on the screen.

Without much more to add, We recommend you try each of the classes to know what is best suited to your style of play. In this way, you can discover which class is best for you when playing Battle Royale in COD Mobile.

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