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Tencent launches the global WeGame X gaming platform

Tencent launches the WeGame X gaming platform

Chinese internet giant Tencent is known for its variety of popular games, such as Playerunknown?s Battlegrounds (PUBG), King of Glory and several others.

As the interests in Tencent games increased, he had promised to launch a more international gaming platform. That seems to have done with the surprise release of the ?WeGame X? gaming platform. This is the international edition of the WeGame store, which serves the Chinese market.

WeGame X, the new Tencent for everyone

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Reportedly, Tencent is testing the showcase and its global servers, which may mean that a more auspicious official launch is on its way. But the WeGame X platform is available to download internationally. It currently has 29 games, most of which were developed by independent Chinese developers, and some of Tencent's internal studios represent the rest.

Some of the games listed in the repertoire include; Deep Silver, Larian, Kingdom Defender: Frontline, E-sports Legend, Possia Time and Hello Game. The popular Fortnite game does not appear on the list, but with the list of some popular titles worldwide, such as Deep Silver, it seems clear that the biggest western titles will soon be available on the platform.

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For now, the platform is compatible with English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, and support for Japanese and Russian languages ??will soon be added. Hopefully they also think in Spanish.

But nevertheless, it remains to be seen how well WeGame X does it with international players. It is worth mentioning that Tencent is seen with some suspicion by players outside of China, especially due to the idea that the company could share user data with the Chinese government. However, no concrete evidence has been collected against him about some "rare plays" that prove that the company actually leaks data from its users.


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