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Spirit Roots takes you to the flora and fauna of the Recosido own world

Spirit Roots brings us a special experience in which the flora and fauna of the planet Recosido stand as the main protagonists. A world to discover with the special protagonist made of rag pieces in a unique game in the visual aspect.

Almost today we could call this Saturday as the day of the platforms, since previously we have been talking about one of great quality to move to Spirit Root, although with other terms and conditions. More pulling the Amanita Design games that are characterized by their great design and some almost magical peculiarities in the gaming experience they generate.

A whole green world awaits you

Spirit Roots takes us to the history of some inhabitants of several planets who decided not to fight anymore to survive. For this they joined the remaining fragments of their worlds to create a great planet in which no one would violate anyone's borders. But not everything was going to be so beautiful, but someone transgresses this norm and for that we are here, to be witnesses of it.

Spirit Roots

In Spirit Roots we have five worlds with their own atmospheres, rules of the game and a variety of enemies of all kinds. Recosido is the planet that gives life to Spirit Roots and that pleasant aroma that gives off to breathe a game that from the first minute surprises by several facets.


Apart from the most characteristic, of the visual, we can also talk about a few animations of the character and frankly good enemies. All taken to a very characteristic environment in which no detail is missing. And we don't just talk about you having to be jumping, but you have to use melee weapons and even shoot with your own souls.

Spirit Roots is a game of its own

So we mix a variety of mechanics just like Cure Hunters and we talked about today. It is because of that Spirit Roots moves away a little from the Machinariums o Botanicula of Amanita Design where it rewards more the puzzles.


And we say our own for the ingenuity he has for create corn cannons managed by farmer robots, mud monsters or large spiders so that terror is drawn on the face of our special protagonist. In total we will have ten types of enemies and dozens of game mechanics. That is, you will have to move all kinds of objects to continue progressing properly in this special game.


Special mention to the soundtrack with its different themes for each scene that we will discover as we progress. To say that the enemies will not be easy and that, if you do not eliminate them, you will have to start the game again from the last saved point. That said, we haven't seen much publicity either, so it's a round game.

Still in beta

Of course, there is still a beta, so you still have room to improve, since it is a title that needs a mobile that offers some power. A fascinating game for several reasons and that carries a great gaming experience for all fans of the gender of the platforms. A title that will give talk throughout the year and that adds to a good list of platforms launched in 2019.