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Samsung presents its new concept for folding phones

new samsung sdc 2019 foldable phoneDuring the Samsung Developer Conference, where the company presented a series of creative tools and shared its vision for the next era of mobile and connected life, the South Korean company took advantage of the platform to present a new concept for its folding phones.

It is not a renewed version of the Galaxy Fold, but a concept that looks more like a phone flip-phone Traditional, thanks to a folding screen that allows the device to fold in half in the style of the Motorola Razr. As explained, the idea behind this concept is to take the technology for foldable smart phones that Samsung has already developed and take it to ?be more compact?, to create new designs and devices that adapt to different uses.

Although the Galaxy Fold folding phone launch process was not without problems and controversies, Samsung says it has developed a mobile experience in this category, which involves much more than a folding device. The company, together with hundreds of developers and partners, has designed a complete folding ecosystem that continues to grow and opens up new possibilities for various mobile device experiences.

Samsung also said that it will continue exploring new formats in the folding category, and now invited developers and users to explore new cases and use experiences together.

"This new form factor that we are now exploring not only fits easily in your pocket, but also changes the way you will use your phone," said Hyesoon Jeong, head of Samsung's research and development group, on the stage of the Developer Conference.

The Samsung Developer Conference event brings together thousands of developers and creators to explore current technology and visualize what is possible in the future. In addition to the presentations and announcements, the two-day conference presents technical sessions and networking spaces, and shows the latest technological advances and tools available to developers.

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