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Samsung presents Galaxy Fold design with vertical fold »ERdC

Samsung presents Galaxy Fold design with vertical fold

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Folding phones are still a fairly new and not widely used technology. For the above, still we haven't seen many form factors different. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is currently the only folding available in the market and It has a form factor similar to a book. The device screen is inside and opens to get the size of a small tablet. We know that Samsung is working on more folding screen devices. Few hours ago the manufacturer Reveal a look at how to teaser a new foldable Galaxy Fold, but this time with a vertical fold design.

In the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC19) of today, the company showed a new form factor for your future folding phones. In the GIF attached below this paragraph, we can see a high screen that folds vertically. This form factor is similar to what Motorola's future folding Moto RAZR 2019 is expected to have. His design is inspired by the old cover or shell phones. This is a completely different approach to the original Galaxy Fold. Instead of a phone that becomes a tablet, this is a device very comfortable and easy to store which becomes a bigger phone.

This new Galaxy Fold supposedly has the model number SM-F700F. The device could be the rumored folding phone with 256GB who has been hated to speak before. According to our own Max Weinbach, software development may have started this month already.

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As mentioned, there have been rumors that Samsung works on new Galaxy Fold form factors. Earlier this month, a leaked pster from a Chinese operator showed the silhouette of a foldable phone that is said to be the ?Samsung W20 5G". With Samsung's teaser today, that pster seems a bit more real. However, also It could be a completely different device. At the moment, we will have to wait and see which model it is.

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Move from phone to tablet, like the original Galaxy Fold, is useful for some people. But nevertheless, this vertical form factor is possibly more exciting for many. Anyone who has used a classic folding phone to know how comfortable it was to carry such a small device. Packing a large screen in that form factor will be a great decision. Motorola It is another company that seems to be working on this concept. At the moment it seems that folding phones begin to make their first advances.


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