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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 now on sale

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<p class=The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 already left a good taste, but there were many who have been waiting until early September for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to be presented at the IFA in Berlin.

After a month, the reviews of the main technology channels bet on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It seems that the sensations are being good, and that Samsung has put the batteries in leaving no aspect half, so that the experience with the device is outstanding.

The war for the smartphones is creating an atmosphere of lush phones that we can take little advantage of, but many times marketing becomes the best ally of companies to continue selling smartphones tipped shovel.

The fact is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is an excellent terminal, but that does not mean that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ceases to be because of the appearance of the new phone of the Korean company. There will be nothing we can do in the Galaxy Note 4, which we cannot do with the Note 3. The differences between one and the other are only based on improving the previous model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but hardly exploitable by the user. A 2K screen versus a Full HD on a 5.7-inch screen is hardly appreciated, if not impossible. Improvement of camera, battery, design are the big changes compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Existing differences? S. Appreciable differences? Not that much.

If you are thinking of replacing your smartphone current of a year and a half or two years ago, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 may be an option. If you come from a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the change is not justified. Still, you can see the video comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Note 4, and probably, that helps you solve the uncertainty.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Now on sale

If you decide, as if not, since yesterday Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is available for purchase. The launch price these days will be the price that most stores will establish to take advantage of the most anxious. 739 euros is the price that Amazon has for the device, but it will easily go down in price over the months. Possibly, at Christmas, your purchase will be something more accessible.

What do you think of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Is its price justified?