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Samsung announces the launch of its 108 MP camera for mobile

Samsung Isocell cámara

Samsung Isocell camera

Samsung has something in hand that will soon be presented … and no, it will not be within several days, weeks or months, but within a few hours. We talk about your 108 megapixel photo sensor for mobile, which will be official tomorrow, August 12.

As it will be becoming official soon, it is possible that soon we will be seeing the first smartphone on the market with that camera. And when we say shortly, we mean that it will be at any time this year. The most indicated to equip it before any other terminal is the Mi MIX 4 of Xiaomi.

The Sony IMX586 and the Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 are the only two 48 MP triggers currently available for smartphones, and the higher resolution ones as well. However, many of the few terminals that currently equip it take 12 MP photos by default, and this is because they are based on Quad Bayer technology or ‘4 pixels in 1’.

The 108 megapixel sensor (resolution of 12,032 x 9,024p) from Samsung would also use Quad Bayer technology, as we do not expect a smartphone to take a photo of such magnitude, although, as with those carrying the 48 MP, Shooting of such resolution could be enabled from the Pro mode of the respective camera app or other section. This gives us the idea that the mobiles that will take it will offer 27 MP photo captures natively.

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If Xiaomi launches the Mi Mix 4 soon as expected, then this year the first device with a 108 MP sensor would arrive, at least in the Chinese market. It is not clear what sensor size we are dealing with here, but Samsung will reveal all the details that we have and for tomorrow, so we will not have to wait long to know them.

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