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Realme is the fastest growing mobile brand in history

Realme is the fastest growing mobile brand in history

Do you think Huawei or Xiaomi were the most successful Chinese mobile brands? Well, although they are, together with OPPO, the great Chinese manufacturers, Realme is the one who has marked a milestone, because it is the fastest mobile brand has grown in history.

Despite not being so well known worldwide, well for now They are only sold in 20 passes, Realme has mid-range phones that are hand in hand with the Redmi catalog and also large high-end phones such as the Realme X2 Pro.

Why Realme is the fastest mobile phone brand to date?

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Counterpoint was in charge of publishing the incredible numbers that Realme has left throughout 2019. Well, being in number 47 of the best-selling phone brands in Q3 of 2018, went to position number 7 in Q3 of 2019.

An extremely important growth, because in just one year they climbed 40 steps. This is reflected in their numbers since in Q3 of 2019 they sold more than 100 million mobile phones.

In addition, these 40 positions that have climbed means 808% growth as a brand, yes, a real madness! However, those responsible for this are India and Indonesia, its main consumers.

In India, Realme is the fourth largest brand in the market, since they cover 16% of this. While in Realme Indonesia it was the fastest mobile brand reached one million sales in Q3 of 2019.

What happens with Realme in 2020?

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While India and Indonesia are not the whole world, these two countries have helped Realme's overgrowth. But, What will happen in Spain, Latin America and the USA? Achieve Really persuade some users?

From Androidphoria we believe that we should not lose sight of this Chinese manufacturer that comes with good terminals such as Realme 3 Pro, or as the Really XT, which was the first mobile with a 64 MP camera, so watch out because the growth of this Chinese manufacturer has not been by chance. In Spain he is starting to win positions at an impressive pace and is positioned as the first opponent for Xiaomi in the country.

Will you be encouraged to buy a Realme? Your opinion matters to us, let us know in the comments.

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