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Opera updates your browser with floating window and better adblock

Little competition currently exists in the field of mobile web browsers. And this shows not only because we have more and more aspirants, also the "classics" are updated to keep up. This is the case of the stable version of Opera for Android, now you have a new version to download. And the changes are worth it.

It does not suppose a huge evolutionary jump with respect to the previous version, but Opera 50 for Android It comes to our phones with two main advantages: better ad blocking and the option to play videos in a floating window. This is perfect for those who play content and, meanwhile, prefer to continue using the phone.

Opera 50 for Android is now available for download from the Google Play Store, so you can run to the store to try it. And, in case you already use this browser, you only need to update it: the news is already available.

Improve multitasking in opera with video playback in floating window

Opera updates your browser with floating window and better adblock

There are several browsers compatible with the floating window, as is the case with Google Chrome. Now Opera joins the trend in multitasking with its new option «Picture in picture»Or PIP (Picture In Picture). This option is enabled by default, so just install the latest version of Opera to test it.

The operation of the image in image is very simple: just play any video, put it in full screen and press on the Home button: the video will go to floating window while you have access to the rest of the smartphone. You can drag the window where you prefer, return to full-screen playback by clicking on that window or close it by pressing on the "X". It is very useful when you need to take notes of a video or if, for example, you want to do anything else while do you listen to music from YouTube.

Another of the improvements introduced in the update 50 of Opera for Android is the one aimed at blocking ads. It is now possible enable and disable adblock for each web page and without having to enter the configuration: just click on the address bar icon (top) and choose the preferred option.

The pity is that the new Opera update for Android In its stable version, the latest novelty of the beta is left out: the return of the VPN. It is expected that Opera will transfer it to the stable browser as it is sufficiently settled in the beta. It is the perfect complement to the adblock and cookie blocker integrated in Opera.