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New version JBL Edition for the OnePlus One

OnePlus-One-JBL-1 (1)

If the company recently announced the output of headphones in-ear With the OnePlus signature, today we know another somewhat similar news. The Chinese brand has announced an agreement with the American company JBL to launch a OnePlus One JBLedition.It is not uncommon to see such agreements between mobile phone companies and the audio sector. And more when they are as well known as JBL.

In principle the JBL version of the device will only have one change, and it is none other than the incorporation of JBL HiFi E1 +. These headphones are one of the best sellers by the brand itself, they are neither the least nor the least prominent of its catalog. They are similar to the E10 marketed by JBL, but we notice a significant change. This change is found in the section of buttons that include the E10. Those presented by the Chinese brand (which include the OnePlus One) have a more complete control knob, with three buttons, while those we can acquire on the official JBL website only include a button. This is something quite positive, since we will have more control over oursmartphoneNo need to take it out of your pocket.

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<p style=Now I am supposed to list all the specifications of the headphones, but no. I will only tell you that they are in range, both Hz and Khz. Since we have 10 Hz of margin at low frequencies and 2 Khz at high frequencies, something enough for the human ear. If you want to know more specifications I leave here the link to the official OnePlus page where you can see and purchase them without buying the complete edition.

I can also tell you that these headphones will sound better than any of these things that slip into us. packs of thesmartphonesIn addition to being really beautiful (own opinion) they are quite resistant to pulls and bumps.

Some rumors in China point to another version that could include a JBL part speaker and an equalizer that will become part of the software. These agreements are also very normal, we can see them in brands such as HTC and the well-known Beats Audio. I love all these agreements, since they improve the quality of the device and its accessories remarkably, and they are not usually extremely expensive. In the case of the first edition that I have spoken to you, it is rumored to cost 283 euros to change.

Another issue is the commercialization of this JBLedition,that for the moment only be available to the Chinese, but we will have to wait for the presentation to confirm it.

What do you think about these special editions? Will you buy this JBL edition?