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New MacBook 2020: Dates, prices, specifications and rumors

It seems that the MacBook may not have gone forever. Almost two and a half years have passed since Apple launched the last of its 12-inch MacBook models, all for the month of June 2017, and rumors emerge about its return in MacBook 2020 mode.

In this article we wanted to collect all the rumors related to the new version of the 12-inch MacBook, including its possible release date, prices and last generation processors.

In fact, the rumor we have detected most strongly is that a new MacBook will be on the company's radar, which could use a processor first manufactured by Apple, capable of running both iOS and macOS.

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Made in Apple processor

The new MacBook may be the first Mac to be launched with an Apple processor, instead of using an Intel chip. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg He said that 2020 seems to be the date set by the brand to launch equipment with its own processors (probably based on ARM);

Other Bloomberg report April 2018 also speaks in this regard.

The initiative, whose code name is Kalamata, talks about Apple's capabilities to integrate the new hardware with its own software and operating systems, which could result in systems with better battery life, according to the Bloomberg report.

This will be the first major transition since Apple decided in 2006 to change the use of PowerPC chips, developed jointly with IBM and Motorola, to adopt those of the Intel brand, with which it has since.

For some time, Apple has been designing its own system components on chip: the first internally designed processor was the A4, which came to the iPhone 4 in 2010 (and later to the iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV).

The coprocessors also arrived later, which since the introduction of the M7 in 2013 with the arrival of the iPhone 5s, have been used to track the steps (and, later, the elevation). Then, in 2013, Apple chips added a security element where they store biometric and payment data.

In 2016, the first Mac appeared with one of these chips designed by Apple inside: The T1 chip of the MacBook Pro in charge of managing the Touch Bar and the Touch ID, as well as the Secure Enclave.

Already in 2017, Apple launched the iMac Pro with the T2 chip. This T2 chip is now being used in the MacBook Pro and in the new MacBook Air, where it deals with security, storage, audio, image processing, system administration and the "Hey Siri" wizard.